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We never know what next will happen in life, right? There is nothing predictable about it. It happens sometimes when some unexpected situations come in life. That is why we do savings for future as a security. There are many ways to do savings, but it is always better to go with the options that help in the actual time when you need. Insurance is the product or says investment that can help you in real time. When it comes to insurance, most of us think of life insurance only. But let us make you clear here that there are many other insurance products in the market rather than only life insurance. This type of insurance is known as general insurance. Like life insurance providers, there are many companies provide general insurance. As we will move further in our discussion here, we will see the various general insurance products. Before that, let’s get some information about the general insurance provider company. About one we are going to talk here is National Insurance Company Limited. People also know the company with name NICL. Take a look below to know in detail about National Insurance Company Limited, its insurance products, services etc. so let’s start first with the brief introduction of the company.

About National Insurance Company Limited:

National Insurance Company Limited is a Government general insurance company in India. It was incorporated on 6th December 1906. After 110 years after of incorporation, the company stands tall as the oldest insurance company in India. NICL provides a wide range of products into the insurance market which is well suited to all type of people. The company became one of the four subsidiaries of General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC). It completely owned and controlled by the Government of India. NICL is headquartered in Kolkata and is one of the leading public sector insurance companies of India. It efficiently carries out the general insurance business in the country. With its services, NICL has wrapped the entire country whether it is metropolitan cities or the rural areas or any remote townships. The company also operates foreign operations from its branch office in Nepal, however, the domestic operations are carried out by the offices in India. It has almost 1000 offices across the country. More than 16000 skilled employees NICL has. It has 14 million customers and provides in a surplus of 200 policies to provide to their varying requirements.

NICL was the very first to launch customized insurance products for both rural and corporate sector. The only aim of NICL is to making general insurance services accessible to the citizens of India and NICL continues to play a leading role in reaching general insurance services to the underserved and un-penetrated areas of the country.

NICL is the second largest non-life insurance provider. Let’s take a quick look at products and services offered by National Insurance Company Limited.

Products and Services:

There is a wide range of insurance products NICL has targeting different sectors. They are,

  • Personal Insurance:

This segment includes medical insurance, accident, and property as well as auto insurance coverage.

  • Rural Insurance:

It provides protection against natural and climatic disasters for agriculture and rural businesses

  • Industrial Insurance:

This segment provides coverage for the project, construction, contracts, fire, equipment loss, theft, etc.

  • Commercial Insurance:

This insurance covers protection against loss and damage of property during transportation, transactions, etc.

Nowadays, motor Insurance is the biggest section of India’s insurance market. NICL holds the biggest market share in motor insurance market among all insurance houses in India. The slogan of the company is “THODA SIMPLE SOCHO”. It means think simple.

One can visit the official website of the company for detailed information about the company, its achievements, financial status, recruitments and many more.

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