NIA – National Investigation Agency Recruitment 2018

National Investigation Agency Recruitment 2018

National Investigation Agency Recruitment

Country like India has the biggest challenge nowadays is to fight with terrorism, right? You can frequently read news about bomb blasts and terrorist attacks at various places in India. Numbers of innocent people die in such attacks. However, the central government, as well as state government, is taking all possible steps to stop terrorism in India. As there are different armed forces at their duties and they are alert at border areas especially. Still there is a need for special investigation agency specifically for this purpose of stopping terrorism. As we know in the year 2008, the city like Mumbai hunted by a terrorist, the central government feels the need of having a special investigation agency. That is why Indian Government established a central agency named National Investigation Agency. It is also known as NIA. The only purpose behind forming NIA is to combat terrorism. Take a look at below given brief introduction of NIA to know in detail about.

About National Investigation Agency:

National Investigation Agency (NIA) is working as the Central Counter-Terrorism Law Enforcement Agency in the country. It is a central agency established by the Indian Government. NIA is allowed to deal with terror-related crimes in many states of India without special permission from the states. As we mentioned earlier, NIA was formed after the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.

The only goal of the National Investigation Agency is to be a systematically professional analytical agency matching the best international standards. The agency wants to set the standards of superiority in counter-terrorism and other national security-related investigations at the national level. For this NIA is developing into a highly trained, partnership-oriented employees. NIA also aims at creating avoidance for existing and possibly terrorist groups as well as individuals.

If we talk about the branches of NIA all over India then as of now NIA has 5 branches. They are,

  • NIA Hyderabad
  • NIA Guwahati
  • NIA Kochi
  • NIA Lucknow
  • NIA Mumbai

However, the headquarter of the agency situated at New Delhi, India. NIA comes under the Ministry of Home Affairs. If we take a look at the organizational structure of the agency then Director of the General is the head of the agency. Take a look at below snapshot of an organizational structure of NIA. You will get more idea.

Organizational structure of NIA:

NIA Structure

As you can see in the above chart, Director General is the head of the agency and after that special director general or say additional director general comes. Step by step other staffs of the agency including IG, DIG, etc follows the senior authority.

In just a few years of establishment, NIA has registered and investigated 93 cases. There are many national partners like State Police Organizations, Central Police Organizations and Non-Police Organizations helps NIA in this mission of stopping terrorism in India. Not only national but some of the international organizations also a partner of NIA in this mission. They are INTERPOL, Scotland Yard Police, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Financial Action Task Force and UNODC Partners.

NIA also gives an opportunity to the personals who want to become a part of the agency and contribute at the best in this mission. For this, NIA timely announced vacancies for various posts. Interested candidates can apply for the suitable pots. Detailed information about recruitments is available on the official website of the agency

On the website, important phone numbers and email ids are also available of all 5 branches. For further information, one can contact related branch of NIA.

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