Nagar Palika or Municipal Corporation Jobs and Recuitment 2019

Municipal Corporation / Nagarpalika Jobs 2019: In the country like India, is it easy or possible for the central government to manage with a single hand the huge population? No, it is not possible at all. Small villages, towns, cities, metropolitan cities, state how it could be possible to manage all at single hand? Just because it becomes possible to manage things properly, central government contributes responsibilities state wise.

Mahanagar Palika Vacancies

Location of JobLast Date
Dudhrej Nagarpalika, Surendranagar Recruitment 2019 for Computer Operator, Surveyor & Other Posts23-08-2019
AMC Recruitment 2019 for Sahayak Technical Supervisor (Light) Posts - 33 Vacancies10-09-2019
Jamnagar Municipal Corporation Recruitment 2019 for Electrical Lineman Posts22-08-2019
Regional Commissioner Municipality Vadodara Recruitment 2019 for Chief Officer Posts21-08-2019
Apply Online for AMC Recruitment 2019 for Assistant Garden Supervisor Posts - 46 Vacancies03-09-2019
AMC Recruitment 2019 for TDO Officer and Inspector (Estate) Posts - 37 Vacancies29-08-2019
Ankleshwar Municipality Recruitment 2019 for Trade Apprentice Posts - 30 Vacancies26-08-2019
VMC Recruitment 2019 for Various Trade Apprentice Posts - 124 Vacancies26-08-2019
Regional Commissioner Municipality Gandhinagar Recruitment 2019 for MIS Expert, Surveyor & Other Posts29-08-2019
JMC Recruitment 2019 for Deputy Executive Engineer (Electrical) Post - 01 Vacancy14-08-2019
RMC Recruitment 2019 for Executive Engineer, Superior Field Worker & Other Posts - 23 Vacancies19-08-2019
AMC Recruitment 2019 for Assistant Swimming Coach and Adhikari Posts - 40 Vacancies23-08-2019
Deesa Nagarpalika Recruitment 2019 for Social Organizer Posts – 01 Vacancy09-08-2019
Umargam Nagarpalika, Valsad Recruitment 2019 for Civil Engineer, Hydraulic Engineer & Sanitary Inspector Posts06-08-2019
Rajkot Rajpath Limited Recruitment 2019 for Traffic Inspector Posts - 01 Vacancy14-08-2019
VMC Recruitment 2019 for Plant Operator (Hot mix) Posts – 02 Vacancies05-08-2019
RMC Recruitment 2019 for Female Health Worker, Pharmacist & Other Posts (Re-Open)08-08-2019
AMC Recruitment 2019 for Conservation Architect & Social Science Expert Posts - 03 Vacancies27-08-2019
Ahmedabad Municipality (AMC) Recruitment 2019 for Sub Officer (Fire) Posts - 21 Vacancies13-08-2019
Surat Municipal Corporation Recruitment 2019 for Apprentice Posts – 700 Vacancies31-07-2019
Palanpur Nagarpalika Recruitment 2019 for M.I.S. Expert, Social Development Specialist & Other Posts05-08-2019
SMC Recruitment 2019 for Civil Engineer & Community Development Officer Posts - 02 Vacancies08-08-2019
Walk-in Interview at Vijapur Nagarpalika Recruitment 2019 for MIS Expert & Fireman Posts23-07-2019
AMCMET Recruitment 2019 for Assistant Professor, Principal & Other Posts - 16 Vacancies08-08-2019
JMC Recruitment 2019 for Sanitary Inspector & Sanitary Sub Inspector Posts - 03 Vacancies23-07-2019
Apply Online for AMC Recruitment 2019 for Assistant Junior Clerk Posts - 434 Vacancies18-07-2019
VSCDL Vadodara Recruitment 2019 for SAP Manager & GIS Expert Posts - 02 Vacancies18-07-2019
Regional Commissioner Municipality Surat Recruitment 2019 Municipal Civil Engineer, M.I.S. Expert & Other Posts20-07-2019
Surat Municipal Institute of Medical Education and Research Recruitment 2019 for Professor & Tutor/ Sr. Resident Posts17-07-2019
Salaya Nagarpalika Recruitment 2019 for MIS/ IT Expert Post – 01 Vacancy12-07-2019
Thasra Municipality Recruitment 2019 for MIS/ IT Expert Posts – 01 Vacancy12-07-2019
Jamnagar Municipal Corporation Recruitment 2019 for Additional Asst. Engineer & Work Assistant Posts - 55 Vacancies12-07-2019
Pradeshik Nagarpalika Vadodara Recruitment 2019 for Municipal Chief Officer Post02-07-2019
SMC Recruitment 2019 for Technical Assistant, Clerk & Other Posts - 234 Vacancies (Re-Open)12-07-2019
Surat Sitilink Limited Recruitment 2019 for Assistant and Supervisor Posts - 29 Vacancies15-07-2019
JMC Recruitment 2019 for Vigilance Officer and Environment Engineer Posts – 02 Vacancies12-07-2019
Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation Recruitment 2019 for Medical Officer, Gynecologist and Pediatrician Posts (OJAS)14-07-2019
Apply Online for VMC Recruitment 2019 for Cold Chain Technician Posts - 01 Vacancy05-07-2019
Regional Commissioner Municipality Ahmedabad Recruitment 2019 for Municipal Engineer, Surveyor & Other Posts01-07-2019
JMC Jamnagar Recruitment 2019 for Lab Technician, Pharmacist & Staff Nurse Posts - 10 Vacancies02-07-2019
JMC Recruitment 2019 for Fireman cum Driver cum Pump Operator Posts - 16 Vacancies27-06-2019
AMC Recruitment 2019 for Assistant Municipal Commissioner Posts – 10 Vacancies05-07-2019
Vadodara Municipal Corporation Recruitment 2019 for Doctor, Station Officer & Asst. Chemist Posts – 10 Vacancies24-06-2019 & 29-06-2019
RMC Recruitment 2019 for IEC/ Knowledge Management Specialist Posts – 01 Vacancy26-04-2019
Thangadh Nagarpalika Recruitment 2019 for Municipal Engineer (Civil) Post - 01 Vacancy21-06-2019
VMC Recruitment 2019 for Female Health Worker, Lab Technician & Other Posts (Re-Open)15-06-2019
BMC Recruitment 2019 for Junior Clerk, Swimming Instructor & Other Posts - 64 Vacancies (OJAS)30-06-2019
Apply Online for RMC Recruitment 2019 of Junior Programmer Post - 04 Vacancies19-06-2019
Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) Recruitment 2019 for Municipal Civil Engineer Post - 02 Vacancies17-06-2019
Junagadh Nagarpalika Recruitment 2019 for Assistant Fire Safety Officer, Swimmer & Other Posts - 08 Vacancies07-06-2019
SMC Recruitment 2019 for Deputy Engineer, Lab Technician & Others Posts - 550 Vacancies21-06-2019
Apply Online for RMC Recruitment 2019 for Cleaner cum Junior Fireman Post - 15 Vacancies13-06-2019
Apply Online for RMC Recruitment 2019 for Various Trade Apprentice Posts10-06-2019
Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) Recruitment 2019 for Lineman (Roshni) Post - 18 Vacancies04-06-2019

Same way state government divide responsibilities district wise. For better organization and management district government divide responsibilities to a local government body of the village, town or city. About the same here we are going to talk on. This government body is known as Nagar Palika or Municipal Corporation. We are also talking about Municipal Corporation Jobs.

We are sure that after knowing the name of Nagar Palika or say Municipal Corporation, you will not require much introduction. It is because in India, at any place you are staying, there is always a municipal corporation for sure. However, the name of this government body is different in some places.

It is known as Nagar Palika or Municipal Corporation or City Corporation or Mahanagar Palika or Mahanagar Nigam. No matter with which name it works but ultimately the responsibilities and functions are same.

The population of the city, town or village also matters in this. When the population is 100, 000 or more, Nagar Palika or Municipality administers as a Government local body for the development. Usually, smaller district cities and bigger towns have a Nagar Palika. Let’s take a look at functions of Nagar Palika or Municipal Corporation here below. Further, we will know more about Mahanagar Palika Recruitments.

Functions of Municipal Corporation or Nagar Palika:

There are a number of functions performed by Nagar Palika but some of them are mandatory while some are optional. So, let’s first take a look at compulsory functions of Nagar Palika. They include,

  • Clean-up of public streets, places and open drains.
  • Regulation of unpleasant, unsafe or intolerable trades and callings.
  • Protection or support of public hospitals; organization and maintenance of primary schools.
  • Registration of births and deaths.
  • Removing barriers and protuberances in public streets, bridges and other places.
  • Naming streets and numbering houses.
  • Supply of pure and healthy water.
  • Building and protection of public streets.
  • Lights and watering of public streets.

Above all tasks are mandatory for Nagar Palika or Municipal Corporation to perform. To perform this entire task they need staff. And for staff requirement, they are giving advertisement via the different channel for Nagar Palika Jobs. Still, there are some functions Nagar Palika can perform. However, it is not mandatory to perform. These type of functions include,

  • Accommodation for small income groups.
  • Performing surveys.
  • Organize public receptions, open exhibitions, free entertainment; provision of transport facilities with the city.
  • Encouragement of well-being of municipal employees.
  • Creation and preservation of public parks, gardens, libraries, museums, rest houses, leper homes, orphanages and rescue homes for women.
  • Planting and preservation of roadside and other trees.

With the coordination of the State Government, Municipal Corporation works for the effectual implementation of the various plans and programs. After seeing functions of Nagar Palika or Municipal Corporation, we can say that they are playing an important role in the development of town, city or village.

But the worker who is working for this corporation is the actual leaders. So many different posts come under the Municipal Corporation recruitments.

The organizational structure of Nagar Palika or Municipal Corporation:

Nagar Palika or Municipal Corporation has Three Tier Structure:

  • Municipal Corporations
  • Municipal Councils
  • Nagar Panchayats

The Constitution of the municipal bodies is classified as Municipal Corporations for large urban areas, Municipal Councils for smaller urban areas, followed by Nagar Panchayats and suburban government bodies.

Municipal Commissioner is the head of the corporation followed by Municipal Corporation Inspectors. We can say that the Municipal Commissioner is the Chief Executive Officer of the executive arm of the Municipal Corporation. All decision-making powers are exercised by the Municipal Commissioner. He or she as the Commissioner is appointed for a fixed term as defined by state statute.

To know more about Nagar Palika or Municipal Corporation, you can visit your area’s Nagar Palika. Or you can visit the site for Particular Corporation. On the site, you will get all the information related to the city, Nagar Palika Jobs, Vacancies, Facilities and much more.

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