Gujarat State AIDS Control Society (GSACS) Recruitment

Gujarat State AIDS Control Society (GSACS) Recruitment 2018

GSACS Gujarat RecruitmentGujarat State AIDS Control Society: On just watching the symbol of a red ribbon, owe missed our breath once for a while. It is because this symbol is related to a horrible disease. Well, after seeing this symbol it is very easy to guess about which disease we are talking about. Yes, we are talking about AIDS. It is actually an abbreviated name of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. We better know this disease with HIV too that is Human immunodeficiency virus infection. On hearing just the name of this disease, we can imagine the miserable condition of the people who are infected with this disease. It is so horrible. We can say this our unfortunate that even after so many attempts and taking all possible steps by our central government as well as state government, this disease is still taking aim for many people. There is still a number of patients in India suffering from this infectious disease. Here we used the word infectious, yes the main reason for widespread HIV or AIDS is an infection. AIDS/HIV is spread primarily by unprotected sex, infected blood transfusions, needles and from mother to child during pregnancy, delivery, or breastfeeding. It means there are many ways this disease can infect one to another. In fact, more chances are of our family members to get infected. However, we can follow such methods to prevent AIDS/HIV by having safe sex, needle exchange programs and by treating those who are already infected. In fact, this disease in a baby can also be prevented by giving both the mother and child antiretroviral medicine. Even after the science is running and improving so fast, there is no cure or vaccine for HIV/AIDS. It is very necessary to start the recommended treatment as soon as the diagnosis is made because the late start of treatment or no treatment can lessen the survival time. Generally, patients without treatment have the average survival time is 11 years after infection.

We should proudly say that in India there are many organizations and NGOs help and support the patients of HIV/AIDS. They do all possible help and make available treatment at lower cost or no cost. They make feel the patients like they are not alone; they are as important as other normal human beings. Central government and state government runs many programs related to awareness for AIDS/HIV. About such an organization here we are going to discuss is from the state of Gujarat. Name of this organization or program is Gujarat State AIDS Control Society. It is better known with the short name GSACS. As the name of the organization suggests, it is active for controlling AIDS/HIV. The first patient of AIDS in Gujarat was diagnosed in the year 1986. After that, State AIDS Cell (SAC) was created in the year 1992. For faster implementations of national AIDs control programs, state government also started to run such program. GSACS is the result of the same.

GSACS has a clear image of goals to fulfill and they are,

  • A state where every person has correct knowledge about HIV and contributes towards eliminating shame and bias.
  • A State where every expecting woman living with HIV has the option to bring an HIV free baby into the world.
  • A State where every person has admittance to Integrated Counseling & Testing Centers (ICTCs).
  • A State where every person living with HIV is treated with self-respect and has admittance to quality care.
  • A State where every person will ultimately live a healthy and safe life.
  • A State where every person who is highly helpless to HIV is heard and reached out to unreached.
  • TO build an incorporated response by reaching out to varied populations.
  • Accomplishment of expansion objective.
  • Normal distribution of crystal clear estimates on the spread and occurrence of HIV/AIDS.
  • To build a State where every person is safe from HIV/AIDS.

If you want to be a part of this noble cause along with GSACS then visit the official website of where you can able to view detailed information about recruitments. If you are eligible for the required post then you can apply for the same. Address of GSACS, phone numbers and email ids are also available on the website.

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