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Gujarat Ecology Commission Gujarat: Don’t you think that in the country we are living is becoming more and more polluted day by day? Who is responsible for this? We all know the answer to this question but after knowing it we are not stopping pollution. In fact, for our convenience we are cutting trees, increasing use of vehicles, not growing new trees and many more. All these causes and increase pollution. However central government, as well as state government, is taking all possible steps to stop pollution but they are not getting success because we the people are not supporting them for the same. Until we all will really not get involved in decreasing or stopping pollution, there is no meaning of any steps taken by the government. Along with the central government, state governments are running various programs and appoint commissions for this particular purpose related to saving the environment. If we talk about the faster-growing state like Gujarat then Government of Gujarat has appointed a commission that known as Gujarat Ecology Commission. It is better known with its abbreviated name GEC. Through today’s our discussion here on GEC, you will come to know in detail about GEC, its objectives of an establishment, organizational structure, career opportunities and more. Very first take a look at brief introduction about GEC here below.

About Gujarat Ecology Commission:

Gujarat Ecology Commission (GEC) was established in the year 1992 by the Government of Gujarat. it comes under the administrative control of the Forest and Environment Department of the Government of Gujarat. GEC established to tackle the environmental issues of the Gujarat state and also to make possible development of technologies. The key purpose of the appointment of GEC is to set up a top body in charge of implementing a complete strategy about aspects of pollution control, environmental upgradation, and better environmental management. Now let’s take a look at the organizational structure of Gujarat Ecology Commission.

Organizational structure of GEC:

Secretary is the head of the Commission who is assisted by gazette officers, deputed by the government. The Member Secretary is the Chief Executive of the Commission. A team of professionals including a Forester, an Ecologist, an Environment Engineer, a Socio-economist, a GIS & RS Expert and a Computer specialist supports the Commission. Another ministerial staff is also there along with them.

Objectives of GEC:

  • To plan and work for the re-establishment of tainted ecosystems in the state.
  • To take action as a sunshade organization for official approval of various NGOs looking for funds for re-establishment of tainted ecosystems.
  • To lift up environmental alertness and to expand a protection philosophy among the people of Gujarat.
  • To develop a micro-planning policy at village level with the active contribution of community-based organizations, particularly women and other weaker sections.
  • To start re-establishment/ plantation activities to create models.
  • To set up linkages among various Government departments, scientists, subject experts, NGOs and Industries towards developing an ordinary vision of an economically sustainable development in the state of Gujarat.
  • To sensitize the universal public regarding the importance of protection of the environment through multi initiatives.

The main job of the Commission’s is to design projects as well as execution, monitoring, and evaluation of the projects. GEC works in areas related to ecological and environmental protection. We can say that GEC is a platform for providing information and other inputs needed to build up a policy and approach for environmental protection and development.

GIC gives the opportunity to be a part of this noble cause of saving the environment. GEC announced vacancies for various posts. On the official website of the commission you can able to get detailed information about recruitments. Recently there was a notification for appointment of project manager. Eligibility criteria along with age limit and educational qualification are mentioned there. If you are eligible and fit to criteria then you can apply for the post. All you need to do is to send application on the given address in the notification.

For further information, one can contact GEC via phone or email is given on the official website.

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