District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) Recruitment

District Rural Development Agency Recruitment 2018

DRDA Recruitment

District Rural Development Agency (DRDA): Many parts together make a body of the country. A country is made of states, districts, Taluka, panchayats and other small authorities. For easy management, the country is divided into such parts. Generally, we are aware of two types of government central and state right? This is true but as country made of states, states are made of districts and Taluka. Like state government is responsible to report central government, district and Taluka authorities are responsible to state government. However, the aim of everyone is the progress and development of the country only. To do development activities of the country smarter way, work is divided into different levels like state level, district level, Taluka level and Gram Panchayat level. As we mentioned earlier, the motto of every level is the development and progress of the country only. We know that still there are many people in India live under the poverty line. There are many areas in India comes under the tag of rural. To take these rural areas to urbanization and decrease poverty as much possible from the country, ministry of rural development, Government of India has appointed agencies at district levels to make the mission successful. This agency is known as the District Rural Development Agency. As the name suggests itself, this agency performs duties for the rural development. You will know more about the agency, its activities, objectives and many more here in further discussion. So, let’s start with a short introduction of District Rural Development Agency.

About District Rural Development Agency:

DRDA is the abbreviated name of the District Rural Development Agency. It is established for the effective execution of anti-poverty programs district level in rural areas. It is basically an institution that performs as a rescue agency of support and makes possible the development process. We can say that DRDA is the primary organ to supervise the implementation of the anti-poverty program of the Ministry of Rural Development at the district level. It was basically established for execution Integrated Rural Development Program that generally known as IRDP afterward the DRDAs were assigned with a number of programs. DRDA is associated with many programs including anti-poverty programs and others for both of the Central and State Governments. DRDA is visualized as a specialized professional agency that manages the anti-poverty programs of the Ministry of Rural Development on the one hand. In other words, we can say that because of DRDA’s watch over the execution of program, fund planned for antipoverty use in right direction. The only purpose of DRDA is to make DRDA stronger and professionalize so that they can effectively improve enhance the quality of execution.

Organizational Structure of DRDA:

As DRDA is district level agency so each district will have its own DRDA. Head of the DRDA call a Project Director who should be of the level of an Additional District Magistrate. In some states where DRDAs have been merged into Zila Parishads where DRDA has not a separate identity, a unit will be created in the Zila Parishads to maintain separate account of DRDA. If we talk about the staffing pattern of DRDA then each DRDA should have the following wings:

  • Self-employment Wing
  • Women’s Wing
  • Wage employment Wing
  • Engineering Wing
  • Accounts Wing
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Wing
  • General Administration Wing

So, with the objective of effectively manage antipoverty programs and co-ordinate effectively with other agencies like Panchayati Raj Institutions, Banks and other financial institutions DRDA doing its best. One or another way we all should have contributed for this noble cause. Because of less the poverty in the country, more the progress of the country.

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