Directorate of Agriculture & Co-operation Department Gujarat Recruitment

Directorate of Agriculture Department Gujarat Recruitment

Directorate of Agriculture Recruitment

Directorate of Agriculture Gujarat: As we now in India, most of people engaged in agriculture activities. In fact, in most of the states in India, main business of people especially in rural and village areas is agriculture. If we talk about the fast-growing state like Gujarat then two-thirds of the population of Gujarat is occupied with agricultural activities. The main source of their income they receive from this agriculture business directly. We can say that farming is the main source of employment in villages and other rural areas. Government of Gujarat is always ready to help millions of farmers. Here we are going to talk about Directorate of Agriculture Gujarat. It comes under the Agriculture & Co-operation Department of Government of Gujarat.

The main intention of the agriculture department is to give knowledge to farmers about modern scientific farming projects. This will help farmers to increase agricultural productivity and they can able to increase the income from this source. The only aim of the agriculture department is the stable growth of agriculture. If we talk about the main objectives of Directorate of Agriculture then they are as,

  • To make possible Soil health cards to 1.8 million farmers.
  • To make avail farmers about use of information technology in agriculture.
  • To reach the goal of 6% growth rate that is 2% more than the national target of 4% for agricultural production.
  • To producing satisfied, micro-irrigation systems and scientific agricultural methods by giving advice about teaching farmers to decrease production costs.

Now let’s take a look at organizational structure of Directorate of Agriculture Gujarat. you will get more idea from the below given chart of the structure.


As you can see in above given chart director of agriculture is the head of the department. Additional director of Agriculture comes on second level. Assistant officers, account staff, administration staff and others are responsible to report assistant director of agriculture. Finally the assistant director reports to director of agriculture.

Directorate of Agriculture handle matters related to horticulture, soil conservation, Dairy Development and Animal Husbandry. Cooperation activities are executed through the formulation of plans and projects; accounts, inspection and observation operations.

The only motto of the directorate of agriculture is to increase farmers’ income. In this the agriculture universities of the Gujarat also help to increase agricultural production by agricultural research and education. Directorate of Agriculture’s vision is to,

  • Growth with high productivity
  • Double the income in 5 years of farmers
  • Food security assurance
  • With micro irrigation watercourses, basic savings of farmers
  • Encourage agricultural export

Responsibilities of Directorate of Agriculture Gujarat:

  • Make sure that enough financing and timely repayment of credit.
  • To provide protection against uncertainties.
  • To adopt the technology to increase crop production using micro-irrigation system.
  • To implement different methods of water harvesting.
  • Increase rainy farming production using improved seed.
  • To reduce pesticide use drugs, implement integrated pesticide management technology.
  • Ensuring quality and price of Irrigation, seeds, fertilizer, pest drugs etc.

On the official website of Directorate of Agriculture Gujarat detailed information about various programs and schemes, activities and other are available. The address of the office of directorate of agriculture as well as phone numbers is also available there on the website. For further information, one can contact personally at the department office situated at Gandhinagar, Gujarat or by phone on given numbers on the website.

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