Biodiversity Conservation and Rural Livelihood Improvement Project Recruitment

BCRLIP Sasan Gir Recruitment

BCRLIP Sasan Gir: We should take proud that we are living in a country like India that has valuable treasures like nature, wildlife, landscape and many more. However, there are many places in the country that can become a beautiful place to visit they are well maintained. Sometimes it happens that just because of not getting enough care and maintenance, the place lost its beauty. That is why the government of India has decided to develop and maintain such beautiful places in the country even the areas come under wildlife. Well for each separate mission of development and research there are ministry or department available in the Government of India, right? So this mission comes under the Ministry of Environment and Forests as well as state government forests departments. To make the mission smoother the ministry has introduced several projects and organizations. Among them here we are going to talk about is Biodiversity Conservation and Rural Livelihood Improvement Project. It is also known as BCRLIP. As moving further in discussion here you will able to know in detail about BCRLIP, its objectives of an establishment, important projects, project partners and more. So, let’s first start with the brief introduction of BCRLIP here below.

About Biodiversity Conservation and Rural Livelihood Improvement Project (BCRLIP):

If you will read the name of the project then you will come to understand the meaning and aim of the project itself. The project is basically for the protection of the landscape and employment to the rural people. The only aim of the BCRLIP is to conserving biodiversity in selected landscapes. These selected landscapes include critical conservation areas. It also aims to improve rural source of revenue through this approach. If we take a look at the main sites of the project then they include,

  • Gir Field Learning Centre, Gujarat
  • Periyar Field Learning Centre, Kerala
  • Kalakad Mundanthurai Field Learning Centre, Tamil Nadu
  • Satpura Landscape, Madhyapradesh
  • Agasthyamalai Landscape, Kerala & Tamilnadu
  • Little Rann of Kutch landscape, Gujarat
  • Askot landscape, Uttarakhand

You can see the sites of the BCRLIP are spread over India. In different states of India, they are in progress. Here particularly we will focus on the Fir Field Learning Centre, Gujarat of BCRLIP.

We guess the word Gir is no more new for any Indians. It is also known as Sasan Gir that is a forest and wildlife sanctuary near Talala in Gujarat. If we talk about the Gir Learning Center of BCRLIP then it was established by Wildlife division Sasan-Gir. The main aim behind the establishment of BCRLIP Sasan Gir is the special focus on the protection of Asiatic lion in the Gir region and surrounding areas.

If we take a look at the project partners of BCRLIP then the following names come in the list. They are,

  • Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India, New Delhi
  • State Forests Departments
  • International Development Agency (IDA)
  • Global Environment Facility (GEF)
  • Beneficiaries

Basically, the BCRLIPs are funded by World Bank and executed by Ministry of forest and environment.

Objectives of BCRLIP:

  • To expand and promote new models of protection at the scenery level through improved capacity
  • Organization building for mainstreaming biodiversity protection results.
  • Plan Improving policies, tools, methodologies, knowledge and skills.
  • Developing multi-stakeholder partnerships.
  • Improving rural livelihoods, attractive learning and reproduction of successful participatory conservation models.
  • Improving cost-effectiveness for protection of biodiversity at the landscape level.

Career with BCRLIP:

If you are interested to be a part of BCRLIP then you can apply for the various posts announced vacant by BCRLIP Sasan Gir. For more detail about the posts, eligibility criteria, age limit etc you can visit the official website .

Contact Details of BCRLIP Sasan Gir:


BCRLI Project, Gir Learning Centre, Wildlife Division, Sasan-Gir, Talala Taluka, Junagadh, Gujarat, India.

Phone & Fax Numbers: +912877 285541, +912877 285641


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